Gifts from One Spirit- 1 Cor. 12

Paul talks about the gifts of the Spirit in I Corinthians 12. These gifts are used to edify the body. Verse 13 states, “For by one Spirit, we were all baptized into one body…” Is this talking about unity of the body or about regeneration, as we were adopted into a new family?

In a functional, working family, each member contributes to the good of the household. Taking out the garbage seems to be my special gifting. If the body is to flourish, each member needs to have a unique gift, just like a baseball team should have a variety of differently skilled players, not just all relief pitchers.

Our new spiritual family needs us to exercise our gifts that we were blessed with when we were baptized into God’s family. The Holy Spirit knew just what the body needed when He blessed us with gifts, so we wouldn’t all just be waiting in the bullpen for our chance to serve.


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